Regarding Payment for service and/or products:
Collection of Confidential Information: No Credit Card Confidential Information is being collected on our
website. This includes: Name on Credit Card, Card Number & Expiry Date.

Currency: All fees and prices on are expressed in US Dollars. All payment transactions are
processed in US Dollars.

Payment methods: You can use any of the following to pay for Listing a Property with us, or for purchasing a Sign
from us: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, INTERAC Online (new!).

Regarding Privacy and Use of Information:
Information submitted at Registration: Basic information is required during the Registration Process before
Listing a Property on This includes your name, phone number, and email address. We use this
information to send you a Payment Confirmation (or Invoice), or other important messages, and to better assist you if you
have any difficulties managing your account. We do not share this information outside our scope of business.

Information published in your Ad: Apart from your Contact phone number which is required on our website (so
Buyers can contact you regarding your Property advertised for sale), you are in complete control over what you choose to
disclose (i.e. make public) about yourself and/or your Property for sale.

Website features aimed to Protect you: During the Registration, we provide you with the Option of making
your email “invisible” to others (recommended: when your email address is published it becomes public, and it may be a
target for spam email). You will still retain the ability to be contacted via email, when Buyers use’s “Send
Private Email” portal, which doesn’t show your email address (i.e. it is hidden for these one-way messages). To protect
you against SPAM/Soliciting, we have made it mandatory for anyone sending you an email, to Confirm that they are
“genuinely interested in this Property as a Buyer, and will not Solicit business from the Owner of the Listing, or send
Spam/Junk email”. There is also an explicit warning: “Soliciting, and/or Junk E-mailing are unwanted by the Owner of the
Listing, forbidden on, and unlawful under the circumstance” while anyone violating those “could be

Regarding our Fees and Prices
Full Disclosure: All our fees and prices are fully disclosed.

Changes: All our fees and prices are subject to change without notice.

Recurring charges: You are not bound by, or entering any subscription. There shall be no renewal fees, or any
recurring charges when Listing a Property. We guarantee that our Listing fee is a one-time fee for each Property posted
on our website.

Regarding the Service provided (Listing of your Property on our website):
General: We use similar policies for Listing service as all the “other FSBO websites out there”.

Refunds: We do not issue refunds for the posting (listing) of a property (ad) on It is considered that
Customer has done any necessary research, uses due diligence when assessing the service offered, and has reasonable
and realistic expectations regarding the means and the outcome, prior to deciding to post an Ad (list a Property) on this
(or any other) website. If you notify us of an existing problem or deficiency, we will try to correct that the best way we can,
as quickly as reasonably possible, and at no charge to you.

Disruption of Service: Due to their nature, websites can sometimes become unavailable. Among common causes
are: interruption of Hosting/Internet Service, malicious attacks resulting in virus infections/corruptions or losses of Data,
Site maintenance, etc, but there could be other causes as well. Although we try to provide you with the best service, we
do not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the Services. If you notify us of an existing problem, we will try to correct it
immediately or as quickly as reasonably possible. However, we do not issue partial or full refunds for disruption of

Regarding Shipping (for Signs):
Carrier: We ship using the freight carrier of our choice, and ONLY to physical addresses (no PO Boxes please). If you
wish to ship a different way, we can probably accommodate that, but you will need to make all of the arrangements and
cover all costs. No refunds or special price considerations when shipping using alternate way.

Destinations: We ship Signs to contiguous United States ONLY, and ONLY to the Cities / Towns listed in our drop
down list, for which we provide complimentary shipping. If you are residing OUTSIDE the Cities / Towns listed, you can
Select the NEAREST City / Town from the drop-down, and in our Shipping Information page click (select) the radio-button
which says: “Send it Hold For Pick-Up at the Carrier’s Depot”, and we will send it there. In this case, you will have to pick
up your order from Carrier’s Depot. Special orders considered for the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and all off-shore U.S.
Territories - please contact us to determine how you can have Signs shipped to your location.

Shipping Costs: All the shipping costs ARE INCLUDED in the price of Signs as Listed, only for Destinations as per
above (i.e. ONLY for contiguous US and ONLY for Cities and Towns Listed on our Website in the drop-down lists).
Shipping “Hold For Pick-Up” to the Carrier’s Depot for a City / Town in our List is also complimentary (Free of Charge)!

Inspecting the Signs for Damage: Please check all packages for any potential damage during transit. is not responsible for damaged products due to shipping. It is solely the responsibility of the receiving
party to fully inspect the product at the time of delivery for any potential damage. It is recommended to remove the
protective box/ wrapping to fully inspect the product, before the delivery person leaves. The receiving party must also
count the product before signing the delivery receipt.

What to do if Sign is Damaged: In the eventuality the product is damaged in any way, Do Not Refuse The
Product. It is best to receive the product and the replacement product will be shipped out to you at no charge. Any and all
damage must be noted on the bill of receipt in detail and signed by the driver. If damage did occur during transit, a copy
of the bill of receipt will need to be mailed to in order for us to file a claim with the Freight Carrier, and for
replacement product to be sent out to the customer. Please note: customer must ship (at own cost) the Damaged product
back to us for Inspection, prior to sending out the replacing product.

Orders Lost: If the customer does not receive the order, will immediately file a claim with the Freight
Carrier. Depending on their volume of work, it may take about 10 business days to process the claim. If the Carrier
determines that the shipment got lost due to its own fault, then will re-ship the order to the customer as
quickly as reasonably possible at no charge. will not replace the order - for example - if the Carrier
determines that the order was delivered or picked up, and someone signed for it.

Regarding Returns (for Signs):
How to do: If you are dissatisfied with the Product received (but Product is not Damaged - see above) and you wish to
return the product, you can do so within three (3) business days from the day it was delivered to you (signed for receipt).
We require a copy of your return Shipping Waybill to confirm that the date of shipping met the time requirement. We do
not entertain any claims made after the first three (3) business days following the receipt of the Product. Customer must
ensure the all items are returned, and are in their original condition. Please note: it is the responsibility of the customer to
ship the product back to us (at own costs) prior to issuing a refund. ONLY the money (amount) paid on at
purchasing can be refunded. Please keep your Invoice or Payment Confirmation.

Regarding Offsite Links:
General: This Site may provide access via hypertext links to resources in other websites for browsing only. is not endorsing any linked entities. Offsite links are provided by link exchanges, paying advertisers, or
for information purposes. By following any offsite links contained on, each person assumes responsibility
for any information given, contracts entered into, purchases made, and any situation or event that may arise.