Some essential “Tools” needed before buying a Property:
Is it better to buy or rent?: “Compare the costs of buying and renting a home”(click to read more)
Know the numbers you need to know about a Mortgage:“Use this Loan Estimator (...) to get an
estimate of FHA, VA and Conventional loan amounts, monthly payments, down payment, and closing costs for a home of
a particular sale price.” (click to read more)
Fixed Rate vs Adjustable Rate: “This mortgage calculator is designed to help you compare the monthly
payments and the amount of equity you will build in your home for several kinds of fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages.”
(click to read more)
How much house can I afford?: “Calculate how much house you can afford with this home affordability
calculator.” Note: it’s less riskier when one has a lower Front-End and Back-End Ratio (click to read more)
Find out when you will become Mortgage-free: “This calculator, which uses a common compound interest
formula, will determine how long it will take you to pay off your debt” (click to read more)
About Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM): “When you are buying (...) your home, you can increase your
comfort and actually save money by using the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). (click to read more)
If you are also looking to Rent a Property (Residential or Vacation), please check out our
dedicated For Rent By Owner website:www.RentFront.com